1. Fully charge the Dopen.

2. Click the button rapidly five times to turn the Dopen on or off.

3. If you swap cartridges regularly, visually inspect the battery contact and the bottom of the cartridge itself. If either are sticky, or oily, clean both with a cotton swab and a very small amount of rubbing alcohol. We recommend having a clean battery contact at all times.

4. Occasionally the contact on the bottom of the cartridge can be pushed into to cartridge slightly, making the contact to the battery fail. Try pulling the contact on the bottom of the cartridge out very gently with a small straight screwdriver, paper clip, guitar pick, etc.

5. Are you using a Dope branded oil cartridge? Some cartridges are incompatible with the Dopen and may not fit or make proper contact with the battery contact.

We can only guarantee our Dope branded oil cartridges to work with The Dopen. Other cartridges may have a small variance with size, threading, battery contact connections, etc. We have tried several 510 threaded cartridges and most do work. Some are fatter and won’t accept the Dopen sleeve and cap, but the battery still works. Some simply do not make proper contact.


Our new cartridges are 100% additive free, which means the oil is much thicker in viscosity and requires a little more attention to detail.

Please be sure to follow these important steps for the highest experience.

1. Your new cartridge should be “primed” before use. After installing the cartridge into your fully charged Dopen, prime the cartridge by holding the button on the Dopen without pulling for a total of 3-5 seconds. This will heat the oil inside the chamber and get it ready for use.

2. After priming the cartridge, press and hold the Dopen button again, while slowly pulling evenly. It may take a second for the oil to “pop” through the chamber and start to draw. Once started, these steps should not have to be repeated unless the cartridge sits for a long time, or is stored in a cold environment.

3. Keep your Dopen and/or cartridges stored in an upright position to maintain oil flow to the bottom chamber. Storing the Dopen on its side is not recommended.

4. Keep your Cartridges at room temperature.

5. If using the Dopen with several people, or at a party, keep in mind that due to the oil thickness, it takes time for the oil to refill the chamber.

Flashing three times typically indicates a problem in communication between the battery and the coil. To fix this, make sure that the connection between the two is clean and secure. If you are still seeing three flashes, please try your Dopen with a different brand of cartridge to see if it will solve the problem. If changing the cartridge stops the flashing, you may need to replace the problem cartridge. If the battery blinks three times with every cartridge, the issue lies with the Dopen battery itself. Please try this remedy as a last effort. If the problem still persists, please contact us at

How long does the DOPEN battery last?

The DOPEN battery has a very good life span. Depending on amount of use, the battery can last days, even weeks without a charge.

Can I travel with the DOPEN?

The DOPEN is perfectly fine to travel with. However if your DOPEN is loaded with any oils, please check with state laws or TSA to see what is allowed to take on a flight.

Are other cartridges compatible with the DOPEN?

Any 510 threaded cartridge will work on your DOPEN, however depending on the size of the cartridge it may not fit properly under the sheath and top but can still be enjoyed without them.

What happens when my DOPEN light blinks 5 times?

This happens when you power your DOPEN on or off. This also happens when your DOPEN needs to be recharged.

What is the return policy?

If you have purchased your DOPE product in a retail store or medical store, you will need to return there for a refund or exchange. DOPEN’s are returnable up to 30 days from time of purchase. DOPE Oil cartridges can be exchanged if there is a malfunction with the cartridge anytime. Any DOPEN bought online can be returned directly to us. Please contact for instructions on how to return.

Do you need to charge the DOPEN before you use it?

The DOPEN will come fully charged out of the box.

How long does it take for the DOPEN to ship after its purchased online?

Orders are usually processed and shipped within 24 hours of order.

What happens when the battery charger stops charging the pen? How can I get a new charger?

Replacement parts are available under the tab “PEN”.

I see different prices for the DOPEN at different stores I go to, why is that?

We give the stores a “Suggested Retail Price” for the DOPEN, however it is ultimately up to them to price it for sale. Our online prices will never fluctuate.