The Dopen


The DOPEN is a hybrid of style and discretion.

  • Sleek design that comes apart in three simple steps
  • Single button ignites premium vaping experience
  • Discreet whether in use or tucked away
  • Industry standard thread count for ease of oil cartridge swapping
  • Compatible with all 510 oil cartridges
  • Quick and easy setup
  • Easy to install and swap cartridges
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Product Description

The DOPEN includes the Vaporizer Pen and USB Charger. No oil is included with the DOPEN and must be purchased in licensed retail/medical stores.

Dopens are Built Solid

The Dopens are made with strong, quality materials and are designed to withstand more pressure than most vape pens. This means you can carry your Dopen in your pocket, suitcase, purse, almost anywhere without the fear of breaking it.


Vaporizer pens are odor-less, smokeless, and deliver the desired effect without the harmful toxins released when smoking.

Modern and Discreet Design

Vaping is a discreet and enjoyable method that is medically-proven to be less irritating to your respiratory and overall health. The Dopen is clean, sleek, and stylish. It’s pen-like design is inconspicuous, and allows you to use and carry it at your discretion.

Durable Casing

Our vape pens are encased in durable aluminum and powder-coated to perfection.


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